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Originally Posted by rjberry View Post
I usually fill up when the car has done 500 miles and the range is usually still showing over 100 miles, something inside me says not to trust it though. If I believe it I reckon it would push to about 625-650 which sounds about right but knowing my luck it would be on the motorway in between junctions when it decided to run out.

Most of my drives are shorter stuff around 20 miles so by the time the engine is warm I'm pretty much there. It is motorway for the main part and I use eco-pro when I'm just cruising along with the occasional burst of sport when needed. I have been using the super diesel which may not be doing anything performance wise but may just help a bit
625-650 sounds about the type of range I was achieving in the 318D, although the 318 doesn't encourage much spirited driving, but feels 320 like under 2,200rpm.

This is the first car where I can truely trust the range left. It is amazingly accurate. Most of my other cars predicted the range until around 50 miles then just resorted to a 'fill-up' graphic. I love the way the F30 bongs at 50/30/20 miles etc. Not gone lower yet.