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I'd say this information is pretty accurate, but doesn't mean all of those cars will go in production, however most of them will.

Series that do no go in production have "NIE PROX (EUR)" in the model field.
It is not always EUR since it depends on the market. Some of the NIE PROX models I know of are E31 830i Manual and Automatic and E38 740il Manual.

To the people who complain about BMW using the old engine in the new 3/4 series. Remember that every 3 series since E36 had its engine replaced within a year by a new or an improved version.

To people that can not find those VIN in ASAP. BMW has two places where you can check for the build sheets. ETK(parts catalog) and VIN feature decoder. New cars and non-production cars are not available in the ETK catalog and should be checked in the VIN feature decoder.

Another thing worth mentioning. Power figures are not always accurate.
E28 M5 build sheets show that it has 0kw. E92 M3 GTS build sheets show that it is 4.0l and has the same power as a regular M3. This is understandable because GTS is build in the same VIN sequence as a regular M3 coupe. However M3 CRT has its own VIN range and engine specs are correct.

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I wish I had a Transbase viewer...

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This is like people making judgments based on camo'ed test cars. You can't tell anything. These aren't the real numbers. BMW isn't stupid.
Here is a build sheet for a camo 1M. Looks pretty accurate to me
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How bout it? Can we pull some info on the 1GTs, 3GTs, X4s, F2x 2s, and 4GCs running around out there? Or at least an F15 X5. Or surely an F10 LCI at least (N63Tu 550i coming? 320hp 540i coming?).
3GT data is there as well as the N63TU F10/F11. Haven't seen other models as my focus is on older cars right now.

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