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Originally Posted by NileGate View Post
Where do you live? How did you get the parts? And how much did it cost you?
How about the warranty?
I have a 316i too that i bought this April but i am in dubai and i wanna do it but i guess it will void the warranty.

Hello NileGate, I live in Egypt. i ordered all the parts online and got it delivered to Egypt. it cost around 2k Euros including shipping & remote coding. As per the vendor it shouldn't void warranty as it is OEM and he also VO code the car to show it has NBT as default, yet to be very honest am not 100% sure of that but i didnt care as i so much wanted to do it. he said that as as long as you dont need to do software update for the car itself you can go to the dealer and do the regular service normally & no body will bother you

The installation process was a bit hectic and took me around 5 hours. but i guess that this is because its my first time. but in the end i did it and it feels goooood

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