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Originally Posted by Billfitz View Post
Assuming this is for an F34 and not a 2003 M5 they're about 3/4 inch too small in diameter. If you go with a 255 width it should be a 255/45. That's a tad larger than stock, which is better than smaller.
Thanks for the quick replies. This is indeed for a 2014 F34. I just picked up the car on Tuesday. I've got a set of left over Yokohama snow tires from an E60 that I was thinking about mounting on the 8" wheels, and using the 8.5"'s for a non winter square setup. This would assume that I buy another staggered set of 400M wheels (8 and 8.5s), although it seems that the 8.5s may not work on the front axle due to the offset.