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If you're just starting out I would forget about post processing and focus on composition. Get a cheap 50 mm 1.8 prime, focus on framing simple, focused shots and just shoot in jpeg.

The colors are really distracting, but don't really matter if you don't have solid shots to begin with. You also have some strange vignetting on the upper left corner. Not sure if you are using too many filters or what.

I would start by shooting single cars, not multiple and trying to think of what image you are trying to create when shooting. You can always learn by copying, too. Find images/angles you like on the internet and try to recreate them. You'll figure out what it takes to make that kind of image and start to understand why that image works vs. random shots.

Btw, the interior of the X5 looks great. I really like the lower belt line look and the lighting effects. It would be cool if in a future M model they had an illuminated line across the dash that changes color when you enter M mode.