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Originally Posted by yousefnjr View Post
So many conflicting stories for the new Z. The only thing we know for sure is BMW hates this f'ing model.
The problem was they departed from the original Z3 too far, Audi was smart and kept the TT at the same level over the years while BMW moved up market.

Mercedes made the same mistake with the SLK, I think the death for both of them was going to the hard top, should have left that to a more expensive model.

Personally I think the Z4 should keep the folding hardtop and not offer a coupe, but they should introduce a Z2 soft top RWD and Z2/Z3 RWD Coupe (along with a Z2M/Z3M of both with the M2 engine).
Or they should make the Z4/Z5 even more high end and compete against the Jaguar F Type with them, Coupe and convertible, along with a M version (with M5/M6 engine to compete with Jaguar's R).