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Originally Posted by bmrm396 View Post
Of course were neglecting whether this is a 328 or 335. If youre talkin 335 then yes, if 328 then no.

328i M sport brakes - front: 13.4" / rear: 13.6" = 340mm/345mm
335i M sport brakes - front: 14.6" front / rear: 13.6" rear = 370mm/345mm

M performance kit (all f30) -
•Front rotor size: 370mm x 30mm
•Rear rotor size*: 345mm x 24mm

And it goes without saying OP, that u must have 18" wheels or above to fit

Im friggin jealous u even get this option. Us in the US for some asinine reason, dont get msport brakes at all

smaller 328i M Sport brake rotors are mythical. there is no such thing. You can not order M Sport brakes in USA and the 328i M Sport does not exist for Canadian buyers. In the ROW all model M Sport brakes are the same size.