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Originally Posted by PK2348 View Post
this is my 3rd bmw, i had an 08 528 and 09 328 prior. both had base suspension, which i found perfect for my needs commuting daily from brooklyn to midtown manhattan. Both were RWD.

The F30 base with xdrive i have now feels much different. Bigger, softer , boaty, floaty, arcade steering, weird brakes. I do not like putting the car in the sport mode, i find the engine response to be too much. Throwing the gear stick to the right has the same effect on throttle system.
I regret not getting the DHP, which i think would have helped a lot.

However, i believe it was mentioned before, if you disable DSC completely handling becomes much more enjoyable. I wonder if anyone is knowledgeble about how it's achieved.

I suspect more torgue is distributed to the front axle, the car feels more planted on the road, and feels more like full time all wheel drive. The steering is harder, however steel lacks feedback. The combination of these two create a feel of a tighter suspension, although i realize suspension is passive and it's settings cannot be changed.

I would only deactivate DSC on a dry road, maybe on occasion in the rain just for fun, never in the snow, unless stuck, or again just to have a bit of fun.

Does anyone know exactly how this functions? Any suggestions?
thank you all for your replies. My question was poorly worded.
I know how to engage the system (hold the bottom for few secs).
I am wondering why steering has a tighter feel with DTC off. Also, if anyone noticed, when you turn DTC off by holding the bottom for few seconds, a screen comes up on the idrive showing sport settings/mode, but it is slightly different displays then when you put the car in the sport mode.