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Originally Posted by txz4 View Post
Hind sight is supposed to be 20/20 but id say someone may be in need of some glasses.

The difference first off, is that not all Zionist supported the Irgun, many were content with being under martial law with no say in government forever. Dont forget that Arabs, Christians, and Jews were under martial law in Isreal and being pushed around by British Military leadership. The Arabs in the area at the time had NO issue with the Irgun getting the British out of there until the British started to leave in which the Arabs were pushed by the British leadership to feel as though they were being pushed out. No one asked Arabs in the area to stop doing anything, they simply got pissed that they didnt get anything out of the work that the Zionist did. Until that point they were united in getting the British out, similar to America under British control, no taxation without representation et all.

Everyone knows the King David bombing first off, was a bombing on British intelligence based in the Hotel and further they were told to abandon their post well beforehand. The British didnt take the Irgun seriously, and laughed at the notion of attack from the Irgun and they paid for it. Dont forget about the British capturing any opposition to martial law and hanging them without provocation.
LMAO I need some glasses... and the Pali's were working with the Irgun? I'll go and get you a sight dog.

From the late 30's - 40's the Irgun were responsible for THOUSANDS of Arabs murders through several bombings of marketplaces for example in Jerusalem, Haifa, Jaffa etc, Black Sunday, Damascus Gate, Alhambra & Noga Cinema, Serrani, King David Hotel, Deir Yassin, and I could list tons of others. Yeah, I'm certain the Arabs's were best of buddies while thousands were killed, and 100s of thousands fled the lands in fear or were uprooted by force.

I mean certainly, the ILLEGAL MASS IMMIGRATION of Jews from Europe whom have absolutely no roots to the land migrating to Palestine with the EXPRESSED INTENT to take the land from the Indigenous population wouldn't make them upset though, amirite?

Furthermore, you're despicable for evening attempting to defend the hotel bombing, I'm certain the innocent parties who were killed in that bombing had it coming though right?
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