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Originally Posted by Tam@SupremePower View Post
Nice work!
Originally Posted by BTT 335i View Post
Looks very very nice.
Merci lol
Originally Posted by johnofcross View Post
I thought for a second there he OptiCoat-ed the rims as well. But I'm sure it's a more specific product. Care to inform us what he used on the rims?

Nonetheless, great car! And tell the guy great job!
he just used opticoat on the rims...even on the brake calipers i think and the headlights and from and back windshield.
Originally Posted by sswalters View Post
I had my wife's brand new X3 Opti-coated immediately after delivery. Its a good idea to have it done ASAP after delivery before blemishes get in the way and you won't need a complete paint restoration / polishing. Our wheels and plastic black trim was also Opti-Coated. They do NOT recommend glass. Its amazing. Its almost frustrating washing the car because the water and soap just slips off. i'm used to seeing the soapy water stay on the car. The car beads and sheets like crazy. I think it's a must have application. Never wax again.
yup, the other day ther was bird poop on the car which i didnt see till the next day, i was so pissed...but it washed off soo easily its like it never stuck to the paint ! whearas before opticoat, bird sht was like glue..impossible to remove!
Originally Posted by NateDog07V View Post
What did he use for leather treatment on the interior? How does it feel afterward? Greasy at all ? i'm usually nervous to put leather product on a brand new car, but the dakota leather is a bit rough and dry... suprisingly so for ~1500 bucks
not sure what he used, but the shinyness went away after just a few days..its back to normal now. I know its some sort of UV protection..
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