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Originally Posted by TheObviousChild View Post
Speaking of Acura to BMW...

My first BMW was in 2004....a 325i. Absolutely LOVED it, but I was still young....24. When the lease was up I thought maybe I should get something more practical....some BS like that.

I was looking at Accords and realized that when you start adding options, they get pricier too.

So I ended up settling on a 2007 Acura TSX. Loved the way it looked (still do) and it was full of tech. But after a couple of months, 4-cylinder and FWD had me longing for my Bimmer. I felt a pronounced sadness every time I saw another 3er on the road. At that point, I knew for sure I was hooked on BMW and would never stray again.

Told my fiance that I was going to the dealership to ask some questions....ha! Came back with a 2007 328i. Totally ATE IT getting out of the Acura lease 3 months in! I was SOOO desperate to get back in a Bimmer, I took a barebones automatic transmission off the lot, but was very happy.

2010, didn't even think about options. Just went back to the dealership and got my 2010 328i which I'm in now....Manual Tranny!

Now I'm (painfully) exercising patience as I wait for my 2013 335xi that you see in my sig below. Can't wait!
damn you really love bimmers lol