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Originally Posted by schnell13 View Post
Have to admit that I'm fairly partial to the JDM scene as well, and looked all over for a good TL Type-S such as yours (love the Volks), but couldn't find one that suited me when I was selling my 328Ci a few years back. Went with a cherry 2006 Altima SE-R in Super Black instead and just loved it. Fully loaded, 20% tint, K&N short ram, yellow fogs, Apex'i stainless WS2 exhaust.

Then I found out I was deploying sooner than later, and sold the car to my sister after her Benz took a major dump on her. Got a great deal on the F30 through BMW military sales while deployed and couldn't be happier. My 335i M-Sport's just waiting for me to get home to her! Pics to come after the first mods!

That being said, after I get out and get the practice established, I'm looking once again at acquiring some Japanese steel. The GT-R, perhaps...
hahaha JDM dreeeeeam! but i love the M3 and would choose it over the GTR haha. true JDM lover with an infinite amount of money would go for the..... new NSeX