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Combination of Merc being able to turn the motor up and class from Hamilton. Pity about the penalty from Bottas otherwise he could have played a useful role tomorrow....
Agree, gutted, when I turned it off I thought they were 1 and 2 and Bottas had truly done his bit to support Lewis.

Never mind might not matter and damn yes I might just get up at 5:30 do the start

Anyone else insane enough to watch live?
I've had a crazy week so can't do 6am this Sunday, and I also want to get out for a morning blast in the car, sonny cunning plan is to take the Boxster out at 7am for a couple of hours, then back for breakfast and then watch the F1 as if it starts at 9am and avoid all news sources!

As good as watching it live...
Would love to do the same but lads football at 9:15 pan.

Come on Lewis!