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Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
Thwart development of any classic, proven energy markets. Lie about supporting drilling and pipelines, claim federal credit for free market energy development. Oversee a doubling of gas prices (which the eco freaks actually support but are too cowardly to say), throw tax money at dubious, impossible to amortize energy markets. Yeah, he's got an energy policy all right. What a guy--that president of ours!
What's it like living in a cave? US oil production's up 15% since Obama took office, and natural gas production's at a 40-year high; so what's he thwarting???

And gas was $4.27 a gallon under Bush, when Obama was elected in 2008, so just the aura from his presidential victory caused prices to drop to under $2/per gallon! Right? I mean, after all, if you blame him for the doubling of prices now, you have to credit him with halving them in the first place. Or maybe, just maybe, your cause-and-effect accusations are just partisan bullshit...