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Originally Posted by dparm View Post
When the Fords weren't crashing or having technical issues, they were very fast cars.

Part of me likes balance-of-power rules so you don't have one team dominating, but it also seems to punish teams that have truly spent the time, money, and effort to build a better car.

In other words, if the M6 GTLM couldn't keep up with the Ford GT, BMW should've stepped things up and improved their car/run something more competitive.
This represents a fundamental misunderstanding of GTE/GTLM. The problem is that none of these cars are the limit of what the manufacturers can do, not even from day one. All of the manufacturers are mandated to build to a performance envelope. If you exceed that envelope, you don't receive certification. So even if BMW wanted to run something faster, they can't. The M6 GTLM is perfectly capable of running at the performance envelope. From there, it comes down to BoP.

BoP isn't handed down because you fail to win races; it's based on pace. "Better car" is relative. You can have a better car because it's flat out faster (pace), or you can have a better car because it's more reliable, or you can have a better car because it's more easy to drive consistently. Only pace is governed by BoP, which forces teams to win on reliability and consistency.

BoP is really tight right now, which is good. At The Glen and CTMP, nearly the entire GTLM field are within 1s of each other in terms of average lap time. The top 6 were within 0.6s of each other. BoP is on point right now, and BMW are winning races in a fair, competitive field. See this post for details on the stats:
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