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Originally Posted by rmnoonan View Post
I don't have time now but more than a couple of your issues are fixable or programmable...
1: agree
2: at least 7/8 are just overdrive gears, 6 may be as well (I'm not sure); so I guess - if it is the case that it doesn't go into 8th in Sport mode, haven't tested it - they figured you're likely to only want access to a limited amount of gears designed only to improve economy, while at the same time taking you further out of the power band, when wanting to drive 'sportily'
3: agree this would be nice if the full screen (not just map colours) changed with the ambient light conditions, no reason why they couldn't, as ambient light sensor(s) already there in the car
4: you can turn off the door locking at 10mph, and you can also set it to have all doors unlock when you unlock the car/driver's door; I think in iDrive
5: do you mean the High Beam Assistant? If so, the light for this (in the UK at least) is blue; I think it's a good idea that it shows you when the high beams are actually on, so you have final control as the driver, to override the system, and to know what it's doing, if you need to. Agree that, particularly if you regularly drive on dimly-lit or unlit roads, and considering the flexibility and intelligence of the system to basically be able to use it in all conditions, it would be nice to have it come in automatically without having to enable it all the time.
6: I usually have this problem in BMWs; seat position change can improve it, but not always.
7: Definitely agree with this one
8: Not noticed an issue with this personally, but if it's an issue for you then definitely it would be an improvement if they lit up in more conditions
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