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Quote: even more disappopinted when reading what scott dude wrote...

now I think tottaly different...I think bmw are Total jackasses

for several reasons M1 truly would be a unique car..shame , 1er sedan no Im not too pissed about that tho Im pissed cuz of X7 and mid level luxury audi....
Why would you say that?

Is it because you are not happy about how "Efficient Dynamics" has become the main headlines within BMW?

As of currently a good selection of our models feature "Efficient Dynamics" these are not far fledged concept cars , these are cars you can buy today and more importantly these are cars that do not compromise the image of BMW meaning a thrilling drive , sporting dynamics and performance as of now we add the word efficiency.
Currently what we are at today is Phase One of efficient dynamics.
our Petrol powered six , eight , ten and twelve cylinders all are destined to come available with more technology aimed at keeping BMW as the most efficient manufacturer in each segment.

BMW aim to be on the road and continuing the journey when our rivals are being forced off the road. As of the M-Division? This will become the Pinnacle of the Efficient Dynamics programme , Turbo charging is coming as is further technology especially in the field of further use of lightweight materials and specialist construction techniques. Further tech under development for M, Efficient Dynamics will incorporate BMW Active aerodynamics and the first BMW performance car to feature KERS technology.

The 1er has enormous potential to become as big a sustainance to BMW as the 3er. Which is why BMW are focusing on as many potential variants that can come from the next generation platform. With the global trend for downsizing the 1er offers a unique opportunity for BMW that begins with the upcoming BMW X1 . The reasons for X1 are two fold to establish a new niche as a premium compact SAV and to provide stability when the current X3 begins to slide when the market establishes the GLK and Q5. This is when the cycle for the launch of the next generation X3 starts to approach.
BMW also see the need for establishing a vehicle in the Premium segment to counteract the compact MPV market , although BMW will not offer a van perse. But a variant on the Progressive Activity Sedan Concept to offer something between a sedan and a Touring eliminating the need for both. Also in the pipeline is a compact Z2 Roadster and a variant from the X1 called an X2 these models will sit within next generation Coupe , Cabrio and two hatchbacks with the 3dr inheriting a more sporting design than the upright hatch.

But that does not mean BMW are finished with the current 1er Coupe, as more performance plans are to explored. Not cultivating in an M model unfortunately as the experiment did not work. But also more options will arrive under the BMW performance range.