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Originally Posted by dd1981 View Post
Aha. The light is somewhat confusing as to what's actually turned off. Also I think when in sport + the trans won't up shift in manual. That also gives you more feel and control. Pretty cool.

So if I go into sport+ and then press and hold the button on the console that means traction is also off correct? Jeremy Clarkson is going to have a field day in this car testing lol you know how he hates pressing all those buttons.
That's the idea if I understand the manual correctly.

Try this in your car, set the drive mode to sport+ and note the symbol that shows on your dash. Then, press the DTC/DSC button for about 5 seconds, does the symbol change?

I've been searching the web to find more technical data on the drive modes, but haven't been successful.
I'd like to know if Sport+ has a different traction and stability calibration compared to simply pressing the DTC/DSC button once.

Pressing that button once puts the car in DTC mode, dynamic traction.
This seems to be the same thing as using sport+.
But, is it really the same, or is there something different?

I'm also not a fan of all this button pushing.
I don't mind that it's there, but I do mind that BMW didn't allow for the system to remember "last used settings" and simply hold and use those settings until I actively change them.
Plus, sport line and Msport shouldn't even come with "comfort" or "eco" modes. "SPORT" is in the name, sport mode should be default.