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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
This sport AT really is a revelation in auto trans.
If this AT didn't exist I would have taken MT.
Sport AT amazed me too much to not try it.

Now that you've had your 3 for a bit, do you use the paddles in manual mode or the lever?

In all the test drives I've taken I'm always using the lever, and have to remind myself to try the paddles. But when I do it doesn't feel natural.
Coming from decades of MT use it just feels natural to use the lever, and it works great. I hope over time it doesn't get loose and sloppy.
Yes I love the trans a lot. I do find myslef missing the manual, but I do not regret not getting it.

I do use the paddles quite a bit especially in sport mode. I use the shifter to shift only while im taking corners or in curves, I find it very difficult to upshift or downshift if need being if the wheel is turned, so I just use the shifter instead. And I like the paddles because for some reason it just feels better, its like when you upshift @6500rpm it just seems to kinda hit hard and the steering wheel gives a little vibrating jitter. Kinda neat.
Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
That's the idea if I understand the manual correctly.

Try this in your car, set the drive mode to sport+ and note the symbol that shows on your dash. Then, press the DTC/DSC button for about 5 seconds, does the symbol change?

I've been searching the web to find more technical data on the drive modes, but haven't been successful.
I'd like to know if Sport+ has a different traction and stability calibration compared to simply pressing the DTC/DSC button once.

Pressing that button once puts the car in DTC mode, dynamic traction.
This seems to be the same thing as using sport+.
But, is it really the same, or is there something different?

I'm also not a fan of all this button pushing.
I don't mind that it's there, but I do mind that BMW didn't allow for the system to remember "last used settings" and simply hold and use those settings until I actively change them.
Plus, sport line and Msport shouldn't even come with "comfort" or "eco" modes. "SPORT" is in the name, sport mode should be default.
Ok I tried it, and it does change. When i switch to sport and hold the off button, the DTC is activated. I hold it for another 3 seconds and DSC becomse inactive.

Sport + I hit OFF button once and it just says traction and it puts the car back to comfort mode. Some sort of default mode. If its in sport+ and I hold OFF for 3 seconds, DSC is off and also puts the car back into comfort. Kinda strange that it would throw it back to comfort on default and not keep it in the sport setting.

I noticed this by scrolling on the mode setting button by accident and it was in eco mode. I was like what the hell. And I played with it some more and every time it seemed to do that. I goes back to comfort.
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