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Originally Posted by Genek335 View Post
Its really ugly, i cant understand how some think its pretty. Its a mini 5ser
Originally Posted by Sedan_Clan View Post
Kinda like every other run-of-the-mill, minimally optioned BMW, Mercedes or Audi.
It's the rear for me. Back end of an Audi A4, Jag xfr, benz s class, and even SUVs like ford edge, honda pilot have back ends that are inoffensive but they are sleek and easy to look at.
This is more like the '03 maxima where you're like wtf, what are they going for here? Look at the difference in 03 and 04 maxima tail lights to see what I mean and what I was hoping for.
Everyone that's saying today's haters will like it in a few months, yes, it's the girl in the room effect. When you look at something for so long, you get used to it. Doesn't mean it was pretty to begin with. Why can't it be Audi sleek (their cars, not SUVs).