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Nothing against having better.
But my own personal opinion is if I am going to replace a highly engineered product developed specifically for my car which can last probably 100k miles, it will need to be a damn good reason, like too much boost and blowing out spark.

I dont think we have the OEM coil reliability issues that plagued the N54 crowd. So for them, just replacing a coil to a more reliable one would still be a plus, let alone the performance gains, and the prolific big singles now in the scene.

I just hit 80k on my car on original coils, and just judging purely from my car and what I see on the forums, it doesnt seem like the coils for F series N55's have reliability issue (among many other improvements in reliability vs N54 lol)

Im sure as bigger turbos start getting more popular with the Fseries crowd, the demand will come as people start getting misfires. But Im still here in the sandbox playing with my factory snail.
Just my 2cents.
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