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You are making 320 on a fbo car? Does that seem right ?

Originally Posted by raichean View Post
My apologies for a flaky memory from a year ago, I didn't make 305 stock but here is all of the info so far and up to date as of today

May 2017 - Bone stock no mods, all 4th gear
max power 294.45 max torque 315.75
max power 298.34 max torque 303.16
max power 287.54 max torque 302.73

Graphs were UGLY, not smooth at all

Feb 2018 - CP, FMIC, Intake, exhaust, Active 8, Ignition Projects coil packs.
max power 314.39 max torque 303.15 3rd gear
max power 327.09 max torque 332.93 4th gear
max power 316.20 max torque 310.79 4th gear

Definitely showing some knock in the graphs, which I was told/diagnosed as the map may be a little too aggressive for 92 octane. Power curves though are substantially smoother though than a year ago. Sounded great and really smooth through the runs.

Not bad though showing basically a jump of 30 in both HP and torque.

Next will be - same CP, FMIC, Intake, exhaust, coil packs, ECU Tune (and I hope high flow catted DP)