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Thanks for the detailed review. It made me even more enthusiastic about the drive home in my 440i.

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Barely use the paddle shifters or sequential shifter like DS, but on the small occasion I did, they were fabulous! Feel really good and super quick. It's also nice just to know they are there so you can take over at any point.
Once you get used to the paddle shifters, you may use them more. Even in Drive mode, you can use them to drop a couple of gears going into a corner, or entering or exiting a motorway.

If you have it in DS mode, using the paddles will put the car into full manual mode, and you will have to flick the shift lever into D to go back into automatic. However, if you're in D mode, it will automatically return from manual to auto.

If you pull and hold the left paddle, it will downshift to the lowest available gear.

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Sport Seats
I found the standard seats in the F30 to be very unsupportive and flat, and also rather uncomfortable. Upgrading to the Sport Seats was an imperative following that. My god, they're bloody excellent! I had them in my E90 too and they were brilliant in that but they're even better in the F30!
One of the biggest improvements on the F3x sport seats is the squared-off corner on the edge of the side bolster. The E9x had almost a knife edge on the front of the bolster, which was famous for premature wear from getting into and out of the car.