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Originally Posted by XutvJet View Post
The only time I've seen EWG N55 dynos that have this sort of powerband shape are those N55's run in really hot/heat soaking temps and/or some issue that is cutting timing. Power should and climb and peak at ~6,000-6,200 rpm on EWG N55. You're right too, power should be in the ~340whp range. There's something going on that's killing power from 5,300-6,500rpms. Everything else looks pretty normal.

I see that the shop corrected to SAE. Most tuners correct to STD for power bragging rights. STD will get you ~5% higher numbers so corrected to STD you're looking at ~330whp/365wtq if that makes you feel better

As for comparing N54 vs N55 boost numbers, remember, the N54 uses tiny turbos vs the much bigger twin scroll on the N55. Point being, psi numbers between the N54 and N55 cannot be compared. It's apples to oranges.

Was your N54 car dynoed at the same shop? What did they correct the numbers too? STD or SAE? It all makes a big difference.

Most every Dynojet I've seen for the M2 shows 330whp and 350wtq in stock form. That's pretty consistent across the board.
Really appreciate your constructive contribution to this thread, wish everyone followed your example.

Yeah, I'm aware of the differences between SAE and STD, I like to use SAE 5 because it's what the shop uses. They did all the pulls on my previous n54 135i, this f30, and my s65 m3. They know their stuff, all they do is BMW, and they are the best BMW performance shop in the area. They were kind enough to let me look at various n55 EWG pulls, and after some discussion with them, we agreed there is much more upside to be had on my car.

Your observation about the power curve is interesting, and prompted me to have a closer look at the logs. The car appears to be exceeding boost target @ ~5k, and there appears to be some throttle closure to get the boost back under target. This coincides with the power curve. Perhaps this is normal, perhaps not, I'll wait to hear what MHD has to say.

I most definitely understand the differences between N54 and N55 EWG motors (I've owned both and have worked on both extensively), but respectfully, psi is psi :-). They are different motors, but they are not Chevy V8 and Mazda 2L different. They are both 3L I6 BMW engines that make pretty much the same power from the factory using pretty much the same boost in stock form. Both are capable of similar peak boost numbers on the stock turbos, both tail off at higher rpm. My N54 had an FMIC, this car does not, at least not yet. My IATs are staying under 100*, so it's not a limiting factor at this point. The n54 is ultimately more tune-able, but it's not my goal to max out the platform. Regardless, I will let MHD do their thing and see where this goes.

I will report back with more information once I get it, unless of course, I keep getting called names and ridiculed, at which point I'll just delete all the information I've posted thus far and move on.
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