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Originally Posted by M235SDCA View Post
OK, finally got all the wiring squared away. Have been a bit busy and didn't get the solenoid wired to GPO1 until recently. Values in this thread for the N55 TMAP sensor were the same in my BM3 stock file.

One of the issues I had previously with my JB4 setup is sometimes the N55 would reset fuel trims to the center sometimes when meth was flowing. Not sure why it would happen, but traction control events seemed to be one of the triggers. This would result in really rich AFR and lots of misfiring, loss of power, etc. Very unsatisfying. Hoping that the TB controller will help with this, since the duty cycle is driven off the TMAP sensor. During a traction event the throttle closes, manifold boost lowers and TB lowers meth flow.

After installing the TB I still had some issues and went to a slightly smaller DO7 nozzle instead of a CM10. Currently running an Enzo BM3 map so the fuel pump can mostly keep up, but there are some points where pressure does sag quite a bit. I am thinking the meth will help with this and cooling when it gets hot in the summer (SoCal). My turbo is stock and my map doesn't depend on the meth so no need in my setup for a boost dump controlled by the TB.

Still have to get some BM3 logs along with the TB logs to really see how things are working.
I have a problem that even with the settings calculated by TorqByte, the TB and BM3 logs does not read the same psi. How does your compare?
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