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Originally Posted by Logicoeur View Post

I mean the forum member clearly never purchased the vendors products but he took it upon himself to be some kind of knight behind a shining keyboard whenever someone mentioned/slighted the vendor in any length. It was really weird how invested he was in transactions that had nothing to do with him, and that seemed to be resolved in a typical manner by any regular business.

Bimmerpost will survive without his weird angry posts lol.
Originally Posted by Logicoeur View Post
Probably his unhealthy and unhelpful vendetta against a certain vendor here, of whom he has never even been a customer lol. :
I never purchased a pack of cigarettes or needed a Surgeon General Warning to see the number of people complaining about their quality either.

If it was up to you, Ralph Nader would have never existed and the Ford Corsair and Pinto would still be on the road because Ford complained.

I’ll take the 2500+ rep points from grateful members as opposed to the few outliers who post incorrect info and cannot even count 15 rows of fins on a FMIC correctly.

Originally Posted by fb58 View Post
lol xtremepowerhouse cuz xph drop ships every thing and is extremely un organized. and if he dosent dropship he trys to charge extra

ik6speed actually supported me when i had an issue with xph so i wouldnt call it an unhelpful vendetta
Actually had nothing to do with xph.

Someone asked about the other Product Brand in the F80 Engine thread.

I simply posted 4 words, “search the F30 forum”. The post was deleted and I was banned at the same time as the deletion. No comment as to the quality of product, just where to find more posts about his question.

I apparently remain banned in the entire F80 Engine thread as a result.

And with that said, I have great respect for Mike @ Extreme


Because when problems happen, he does not duck them, making excuses, spins it and pulls excuses.....but simply takes responsibility. Nor does he ask Moderators to ban user and delete posts....unlike some others.

As a result, I have made 2 purchases from him in the last 2 weeks. And told him that was reason I was purchasing from him.

He thanked me and stated he was glad that someone noticed that.

So for those who haven’t made the connection, think about it.

Originally Posted by View Post
With all due respect, if you do not know what you are talking about dont throw us under the bus.
We never asked for anyone to be banned.
We dont even ask for any thread against us to be closed.
Noted above

Thank you for your attitude towards freedom of speech and free flow of information....compared to some others.
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