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Originally Posted by roastbeef View Post
so i'm an f1 ameature. i don't follow it, but i enjoy watching highlights and reading about it.
someone fill me in on this rule- is a little bit of blowby allowed, but it can't be intentional?

This is a good explanation with some good speculation in the comments.

Since maybe 5 races ago, Ferrari has some newfound power, seemingly good for the claimed 60-90hp that burning oil gives.

Ferrari has had to play catch up to Mercedes with their split turbo design (turbine on one half of the engine and compressor on the other side with a very long spindle). Merc has been more competitive due to lower charge temps from this design.

Teams have been trying to introduce more oil into the charge for a while and there had been reports throughout the season that Ferrari has had oil burning smoke and smell, and per the comments of the article, they could be playing with spindle designs or oiling of the compressor.

If this is clarified and Merc can take advantage of this, they can stack this on top of their already better charge temps.

Itís really difficult to keep track of all of the FIA rules now. Verstappen is the only thing that keeps this sport interesting.

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