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Originally Posted by aleki75 View Post
Looks sharp! Could you list what products did you use and did you have to do anything else (i.e. Programming) upon installation.
First, an update. For some reason one of the Low Beams just stopped working; it's for sure a bulb defect because I've checked the connections and the other LED and the halogens all work in that plug. So I'll be returning it and ordering a different set that was rated much higher on Amazon that I noted below.

I have not yet done any coding since I haven't had time to find where I put my wifi OBD unit, but will probably be doing the checks and bulb types when I do find it. No OBD errors after a 30-40 minute drive with the lights and fogs on, except for the burnt out low beam that seems to be a broken bulb and not a coding issue. Can't say if there's any flickering from warm checks, however--anyone know if warm checks without coding would result in errors? I haven't seen any--yet.

Here are the bulbs I used (a mix of eBay and Amazon purchases based on the various threads and blogs I've read):

Low Beams
Originally purchased these:

As I mentioned above, one of the bulbs stopped working so I've ordered these which have far better reviews anyway:

Fog Lamps

Park Lamps and DRLs

(this links to the "amber" set but I have the white)

Reverse Lamps