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Originally Posted by thejeremyman9 View Post
Ah, good ol' boost leaks. I dealt with crazy issues with my VRSF IC+CP combo, which end up definitely being a manufacturing defect. I solved the issue by using aftermarket larger-than-stock (and different style - round) Orings. You can read all about it on the Oring thread and boost leak thread. Let me know if you cant find those.

The picture is a little blurry but i agree the clip doesnt look all the way in. However, the clip doesnt actually seal anything, it just holds the CP onto the IC. As long as it is in that groove and the CP is fully on, that shouldnt be the reason for your leak (it looks like it is on all the way).

Bottom line:

1. Confirm your stock Oring is install in the correct direction is is not twisted/etc and the reason for your leak.

2. If above is confirm and you still have a leak, probably just go to the aftermarket Orings, or deal with shipping CP back, reinstalling stock, and possibly having a leak again afterwards. Note you just need to drop the IC and replace the Oring, you should not need to remove the CP completely.
What/where did you get the orings?
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