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Originally Posted by Augenbrauezug View Post
haha So I hear, it was hard for anyone to convince me of getting another, when 1 was already so frustrating. The cockatiel was actually given to me by a friend who could no longer take care of him, he was an awesome bird, just VERY noisy so I wonder if part of the problem wasn't previous ownership. After doing some research I got the blue and gold Macaw, he was loud but not as obnoxious. The cockatiel would just start screeching, even when you approached the cage to put him at ease.
Yes, getting any bird young is a key, or knowing that you like the personality of the bird. If you buy at a store, then you need to pick one with the personality that you like. Breeders that do it for fun tend to have consistent birds. Basically you want a bird that likes people, is confident and doesn't bite or scream. ALL birds require some amount of interaction and attention, either with a human or another bird.

This male in my image, Stormy, will scream constantly if he gets out of sight of his mate, Scooby. We're a little worried about what'll happen if Scooby dies before he does. She can live without him, but he'd be a wreck without her. Hopefully that won't be a worry soon, since these birds live around 25-years.