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Some great shots. Everyone overdoes it with the clarity/shadows when they're first learning. I was a victim of it too, and I look back now and ask myself how I thought that looked good. I always try and help others out, but you can only give so much advice on it until a majority of people take offense. You'll learn more as time goes on.

As time goes on you'll also learn more about aperture and depth of field. Normally you would say the left/right side issue was that, but since the car on the left side is very similar to to the distance away from you as the car on the right, they should be almost identical for how out of focus they are. You can easily test this out.

Set something up similar to this, having 1 object centered, and then two other objects on the far left and far right. Don't zoom the lens at all or crop. Have the side object to the edges of the frame. Side objects should be the same distance away from the lens.

Shoot the same shot at f/3.5, f/5.6, and one above f/8 all focused directly on the center object. If all of the images, both side objects should be identical as far as how out of focus they are. If they aren't identical, something is messed up.

*You can also try shooting with the right object in focus at f/3.5, and the left object should be just as sharp. If the left is out of focus you know something is jacked up.

If you ever have any questions on gear, understanding something, editing, etc feel free to let me know. A lot of photographers are assholes and don't like to help anybody as if they know some secret, I like to spread my knowledge and help out as I know what it's like to have nobody to ask things. I followed you on Flickr. I don't upload much as I'm picky and like to keep mine simple/clean. Just passed 1,150,000 views

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