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Originally Posted by DVC View Post
Love the bad ass matte "Montreal Gray" paint work... : )

I was thinking 3mm should do it... that's what I've been running with my 9" ET42 ARC-8s. Last time I checked, I had about 5mm of clearance from the tire to the strut, which has never rubbed as far as I can tell.

Factoring in the extra ~13mm of width for a 9.5" wheel (6.5mm of which is on the inside) - but with the reduced ET35 offset, it should actually yield about 0.5mm more clearance than my current wheels. That said, every tire is different, so there's only one way to find out!

Speaking of 5mm spacers, I actually tried those on the front for a while, and noticed some vibration. I determined that 3mm is the max for me before I run short on hub centering lip real estate... maybe xDrive cars have more lip on the front hub? There's more on my rear hubs, so maybe BMW specs more for drive wheels...
[I created a thread a while back to share some experiences with spacers]

Didn't have a chance to wash her ahahaha all the cars look matte.
It is for sure my tires since I went with some beefy ones. My wheels do clear its the tires that rub. I'm thinking of doing a 10MM in front but I feel like it would throw off the driveability. I might consider downsizing the front ones to 255