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Driving the Gross Glockner should be on everyone's "bucket list". No matter how many times I drive this area... you can not help, but to be in awe of nature. And to think they held F1 races up this "hill" in the '30's! Amazing!!

Every year towards the end of summer(~Oct/Nov), they still hold a "classic" race up the Glockner.

Here are some pics from my past tours of GG...
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There is a small car museum up in the GG. I've never gone in. I have always wanted to see what's inside though. Our time schedule just never had the time for it.
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Snow removal...
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The famous Porsche Saw Mill factory. It was here after WWII that Porsche built the first batch(~53 ?) Porsche 356 cars out of aluminum bodies. This is located as you head outside of Gmund, past the old ruined castle, then look on your left side for the old saw werks. There is a new soccer stadium across the street. (Karner Au 3, 9853 Karnerau, Austria)
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The Porsche Automuseum Helmut Pfeifhofer, in Gmund, Austria. This is a private museum, but really a must see IF your into Porsches. The Porsche family home in "Zell am See" isn't that far away either.
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This "little bitty" sign is telling you at this exit they sell Vignette's.
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When you drive on the Austrian Autobahn... you need a Vignette. They cost eight euros for a ten day pass/decal. No Vignette means a 120 euro fine. AND if you have a Vignette but don't affix it to the windshield(or affix it partially, as to remove it) that will cost you 500 euros! Because the Austrians think you are moving it from car to car. Just buy a Vignette and fully stick it on your windshield.
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Maut = Toll
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Yup! 34 euros one way toll! Its worth it though!!
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