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Oh man, my back!

Yesterday I picked up the two Luxury Line grills to replace the SEs. The price was better than I expected, almost EUR55 after some negotiations, little less than $70. I think they were even cheaper than the E90/E90LCIs which I did in the past. That was the good part.

So I started to work on it this morning. It took me almost an hour to get them two out. It was far from that easy as it looks in this post. The clips are a nightmare, they were not getting through the notches.

I was thinking why it was so difficult for me while the OP said he did it much quicker and I can think of a couple of reasons:
- His car was probably brand new, everything was still flex. Mine is 6 months old.
- The OP did this in summer time, so the plastics were more flexible as well.

So my suggestion is to keep a hair drier at hand. Probably some WD40 might help as well. And a low chair...

As I was so stupid to put a screw driver in between the grill and the body part, some bumps/bulges were made. Luckily the bumper is so flexible that I was able to polish them away with the back of the screw driver. But this should not be necessary if things go well with the clips.

I want to thank the OP for the pics and to post it as a DIY!

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