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Originally Posted by Maz335i View Post
I was asked by my dealer to come back after 500 kms to get an alignment done...which will lower my car further.
The cause of your car being lower is the suspension settling...This is why they want you to wait for the alignment 500kms. Aligning the car before the suspension settles is a waste of time...unless the spring swap changes the toe angle to a significant enough degree to destroy tires really fast. Toe angle will destroy tires faster than any other angle. Best Practice is to do a quick "toe set" when you do the springs to make sure the toe isn't wacky off. Then bring the car back after a few weeks to do a proper alignment.

Alignments do NOT alter the ride heigh in 99% of passenger vehicles. (your 3 series is in this 99%)

Note - I used to do that for a living to put myself through college.
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