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Originally Posted by shawnsheridan View Post
Forget everything you are reading.

What happens when you Connect to the car, Read FA, Activate FA, and Read VCM? Can you get that far?

Also, what is your Target Connection when you connect? It should be the one for your chassis, but without the _DIRECT after it, and it should be via VIN.
My target is F020 WITHOUT the _DIRECT, and yes, I connect via VIN. My I-step (current) is F020-12-11-504. I am using e-sys 3.18.4 with 48.2.

I am able to connect to the car without issue "connection established", I can read the VO, but I cannot Activate the FA. Although I cannot activate the FA, I can still Read VCM after reading the FA just fine.

From there I am able to access the CAFD entries and perform "read coding data" and then edit those variables that are generated. After saving said edits, I go back to activating the FA, but it gives me the error:
"No FP could be generated from FA "". [C002] no FA2FP known for Entwicklungsbaureihe F030 [858] - SYSTEM_ERROR"

That is where I am stuck.