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i dont have a problem w/ how the tail lights look. they went for the wide affect and it works. when the e92 came out they had the tail lights like this. when the 5 series was redone they also gave it taillights like this, and now it's passed on toe the 3series.

unfortunately i kind of liked the 5 series 'rays of sun' look of the tail lights... esp. when you hit the break pedal... but the outgoing 5 was a very edgy design of a car i thought, and they went very conservative w/ the current 5 quiet frankly so it has a closer relational look to this new f30 than the e90 did to the previous 5series.

the e46 to the e90 was a larger contrast in looks than the e90 is to this f30... so this lesser contrast in look also may make you feel the f30 looks boring.

when the e90 came out i had more nausea than this f30 gives me by far.

i felt the e90 w/ the useless chromed eyebrow on the kidney grill, and the square econocar looking rear lights (not my words but someone on the forum back 6yrs ago) wasn't working.

when the e90 got refreshed they tossed the brows and rectangled out those taillights a bit. both much needed improvements imho back then and thought that's how it should have looked when first released.... but u never know, the way those eyebrows looked tacked on, bmw could have put them there so as to remove it come midlife refresh. nobody was gonna not buy it the first 1-2yrs of the e90 release if they was gonna go for the new e90 anyway just bec. of some useless chrome trim.

just like the f30 w/ the strange connecting headlights into the kidneys could be removed come midlife refresh.

only thing they could have done as they were so concerned about making the f30 look WIDE on the back is, once again as started from the e90... the f30 also has rather nonexistent wheel wheel flares. if they'd been able to flare them out they could put wider tires, wider track, of course since the 90 they've shifted this look to only the M cars, big bummer.

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