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Originally Posted by DesertSmokeBBQ View Post
The MPPK is only $1k if its ordered. It's more expensive to have added after the fact because you'll pay the grand PLUS install & dealer mark-up. I've seen people talking about $1k-$3k USD installed after the fact but I KNOW you can get it for less ESPECIALLY if its factory rather than dealer installed. As for the other bits, I'd look at premium package as leather is included and then you're only paying $1500 difference and getting a bunch of other options. Is this a 428xd or 435?? Guess I should scroll up to see if you mentioned that in your OP

435xd. The M-performance add-on being only $1k if ordered would help -- I've only heard pricing through RUMOR, can't get a reliable source on it. If that was $1k as ordered, that MIGHT bring room to add in the tech although I still think I'd end up over $60k. This car, at least in the 435xd, was designed to get people to go above $60k MSRP