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Originally Posted by stormlv View Post
They've screwed up so many things recently, that nothing would surprise me...
I'll check today and report back
EDIT: You beat my reply with your update

I absolutely love Rheingold now that I got it working on my laptop, it has helped me with figuring out the problems I was having with my Park Assist retrofit. I wish mine were a simple sensor replacement, instead every so often I get both PDC and Park Assist malfunctions, and the code I'm getting is an "Ultrasonic Sensor: Short Circuit to B+ positive" error, but it isn't kind enough to tell me which sensor has the error. Instead, my test plan in Rheingold is that I have to remove both bumpers and go sensor by sensor through all 10, removing each one and running the test to see if it detects the fault when a particular sensor is removed, then reconnecting it and moving on to the next one.