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Originally Posted by allachie9 View Post
Good luck with your PS improvement plan.
I'm not sure how many photographers this might appeal to , but I'm afraid it's not for me.
I prefer to be in full control from taking the picture, through the processing and on to the final output, whether print or projected / published image.

A couple of other thoughts I have are, would any photographers, who choose not to process their own work, choose to shoot RAW anyway ?

Also, it might be helpful to anyone thinking of taking up your offer being able to see what your current skill level is. for example, let them see a before and after image.
Good luck.
Yes I'm aware that a lot of photographers, mostly the more experienced ones, are not okay with sharing RAW files. I'm not a professional photographer so wouldn't mind sharing my RAW files (whether I had already processed it or not) instead of keeping it locked up on my harddrive. I have nothing to lose from sharing and the person receiving gets the opportunity to edit something other than his own car in his own town shot from his own camera

Here are some of my before and after photos.
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