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finally had a chance to finish this project up... I'm having the same problem as the original poster, my console switch still isnt' working, would love to get that figured out.. Would be really helpful when pulling forward into parking spots. The switch lights up red when the lights are on but neither button works. I plan to add Top view & side view cameras so i went with the switch that supports that. I did exactly this... i double checked it...

The instructions state that a cable should connect pin 2 on the console to the ICM and on my car that was already connected.
What the instructions are missing is pin 1 and in the end the connections should be:
Centre Console <-> ICM
PIN1 GN/GE(Green/Yellow) wire <-> PIN28
PIN2 GE/BL(Yellow/Blue) <---------> PIN6 should already be connected
PIN3 <-------------------------------> PIN13 should already be connected

few notes worth mentioning that hopefully saves some of you some steps...

To remove the battery cover, there are (3) 10mm screws that only turns 1/4 of a turn to release, in this photo you can see i have the socket on the middle one, you will need to remove the battery cover to expose your way to through the firewall..

Now, the wonderful mistake i made that I thought i was saving so much time... When i was doing the reverse camera & rear PDC i thought I would save all this time by running the cables from the REM up to the front of the car & just rolling in a bundle until i was ready to do front PDC... boy was i wrong... The connector that connects to the PDC sensor in the front are not going to fit through the small round circle to get through the firewall... after staring at this for about an hour.. i remove all the panels, all the pins to the REM so i could pull the cable back through the car & start from the hood side... It was getting late in the day & i missed the grommet connectors twice & had the pull the cable back.. i was getting ill to say the least. You will have 3 grommets you have to go thru if you take this route... my finger in this photo is on the 1st one that you don't have to drill a hole through.. the next 2 you do... make sure you get the cable through the grommets at the appropriate time so you can avoid rework...

... this one has a hole already for the battery cover... once you run the cable thru it the battery cover is like a phillips head screw & can go right back in the same hole & not pinch the cable

Here i'm pointing out where it goes thru the firewall

Front photo of an msport with the different brackets holding the sensors. the msport bumper goes inward so the (2) 30mm brackets keep the sensor level instead of firing down to the ground...

close up shot.. thought they came out great with this automotive paint.. way better than the brush on touch up paint...

buy this stuff if your thinking about this project & need to paint your sensors.... I had (2) valencia orange sensor & (2) black sensors that i sanded down & repainted.

It's worth noting... if you want OEM look you could go a step further & after drilling the holes you can paint the inside that was just exposed with the paint i suggest above... think about it this way, BMW dips their panels & they have predrilled the holes for the PDC sensors.. so those holes are same color as your car... i have a silver car so after i drilled the center of the holes are black... yes there is a black coupling ring but you will see what i'm saying.. the bracket keeps you from shoving the sensor all the way in the hole so unless you have a black car, you will see the newly drilled holes in your bumper unless you paint the inside of them.. i choose not too, still came out looking OEM IMO.

After i got everything cabled up... i removed option 507, added 508 & VO coded the affected ECUs (which were FEM_Body, REM, HU_CIC & ICM). Wish my switch would work!!!!!! Anyone have any suggestions, i'm all ears!!!!

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