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Originally Posted by ///WORK-F36 View Post
Lifting for strength in sports
In that case I would just use them for rounding out your leg routine. As someone who does Oly, front squat is my predominant leg routine. I use high bar back squat, overhead squats, and low bar back squats to round out my routine. Again, this is only because the front squat and overhead squat are specifically my goal.

As a general strength goal, I would stick to predominantly back squat unless you feel your quads or calves are lacking. Try to front squat 1/3 of your leg days. Find someone that can teach you good form. I'm talking an instructor for crossfit or olympic lifters. If you aren't as serious, youtube. Some great instructional videos are on there.

Final tip, if you aren't squatting with olympic lifting shoes, squat barefoot. If that's not allowed where you lift, chucks or something similar. Keep those elbows high!