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Originally Posted by ddk632 View Post
I don't agree with those "pros"

Real > fake

Just my opinion.

Not judging those that do it, but you will never find shots in my portfolio that use such techniques. If there are rolling shots in there (there are, though not many) they were shot out of the window of another vehicle.

Comes down to personal style and choices.

I feel the same way about photoshopping in a badass sky to replace a bland one, or an entirely different background altogether, etc.
I'm just a guy who enjoys editing photos.
I don't even consider myself a photographer. Which is why I don't stick myself out windows for real roller shots or wait for the perfect badass sky to appear. Things would be different if I took photography as a serious hobby.

Like you've said, it all comes down to personal style and choices. I just enjoy editing more than shooting