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You posting dyno numbers based on a stage 1 flash are awesome and greatly appreciated.

But for you to say your an enthusiast and expect more boost just because the twin turbo N54 did and claim that MHD is conservative compared to others, I'd like to see more proof to that claim, such as BM3 stage 1 dyno or AA stage 1 dyno ect.

Just because BM3 has a M2 map?? Then why did you not splurge and get the BM3 tune if that's your goal!?

No one should ever be censored for sharing their results but come on man, you insinuating that MHD is slacking and needs to create a stage 1+ makes no sense since they have a stage 2 and stage 2+! You want more boost and power, well your going to need to upgrade your DP and probably your FMIC, plain and simple.

From what others have posted on a stock EWG dyno, I've seen 270ish WHP so if your getting 317WHP, then that's right on par with what MHD claimed for there stage 1 tune for STOCK setups!