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Originally Posted by TheBreeze View Post
Relax people, it's not like I called your mothers ugly
That last comment made me laugh! Thanks for that... People here are touchy with certain subjects. Its seems to bring out the best in them, kinda like discussing politics

Anyway, you bought a stage one tune with no mods. The single turbo N55 EWG can't really be used to compare to what the twin turbo N54 tuning capabilities are. For many of us here, we're already aware that's it's easier to pull more power out of an N54 vs an N55 (at least when it comes to basic tunes and simple bolt-ons). A baseline run would of given you more data and allowed you to gripe a bit without members jumping down your throat.
All that being said, the figures you laid down are not bad. I know you said you're sticking with your OEM downpipe, but a proper stage 2 ECU tune, downpipe (catted or not), along with a fmic seems to net real gains on this platform.
Look at the bright side, you might have less gains per mod on an N55 EWG/PWG compared to an N54, but the N55 will start and get you to work most days
That's something that can't always be said about the N54