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here is a link to their thread on E90 Post on page 2 they have a FAQ pdf link.

Curious how it would affect MPG considering your not driving the front wheels yet have the extra weight.
Q: Whats that good for?
• Being able to switch between modes, opens up various fun things. BMW and Mercedes understood that as well and made their latest and greatest AMG and M cars also switchable between AWD and RWD.
•You get two cars in one. RWD in Summer, AWD in Winter.
•Get rid of the understeery behaviour the xDrive system generates
•Drift your xDrive properly in dry/wet conditions
•Maybe do a burnout here and there
•Protect the xDrive from too much torque in big power cars
•[COLOR="Red"]As the xDrive’s transfer components fail here and there and are expensive, you may also just turn it off, instead of repairing.[/COLOR]
For me, lost credibility when I got to the highlighted statement.
I could see using it in a pinch if an Xdrive component fails but it is alittle shocking to see them advising to just disable It and drive around with faulty potentially dangerous hardware.