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Originally Posted by Zanity View Post
So I reset my CEL this morning before the drive to work, I drove home now and it has not come back yet. I'm seriously loving this mod, in comfort mode the car accelerates like sport+, even at 1500 RPM, I feel the throw back against the seat. Its absolutely worth it. My MPG has gone up 0.3 too, and I have not been driving with a light foot, once in a while at the stop light I get a wift of petro smell, (all windows down and sunroof open) this is not even as bad as a gas lawn mower.
It does smell really bad from behind, you just can't detect much in the cabin, in motion. Have someone drive your car and stay back like 2-3,000 ft, you'll distinctively smell it.

I was into the racing scene when I was younger and I strait-piped everything from headers back, so I know exactly what it smells like from outside the vehicle. I actually don't mine the odor on like a hoopty or a dedicated racecar but not on my daily driver.