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Originally Posted by 13blk335ix View Post
2013 bmw f30 335ixdrive n55 6 manual transmission, xdi 35 hpfp, wagner catless down pipe, wagner evo 2 comp intercooler, er charge pipe, afe drop in filter, stock turbo, ngk plugs gapped correctly, new ignition coils, res delete, Michelin as 3+ tires.

what would cause i hesitation in 3rd 4th 5th and 6th? i go wot and it stutters for a second and i keep my foot down and it then accelerates.

happens on custom tune stage 2 bm3 with xdi 35 pump

ive had this issue since stage 1 and i have done various upgrades bootmod3 has recommended.

i have opened many tickets with bm3 and right now they say its the xdi 35 hpfp "the way its tuned" im stuck and dont understand. i want to go ps2 but my car has trouble with stock turbo setup.

i have said id get a lpfp but been told i dont need it with xdi 35, anyone help with this issue because im at a stalemate.

im going to continue to add mods to my car.

i have xdrive so maybe the stock clutch is failing. regardless this has happened since the car had no mods and just the stage 1 bm3 tune.

i am very close to going to mhd, because i have reflashed my car many times and my custom tune by ttfs was tuned for more power and their is rarely hesitation but it happens sometimes.

Logs looks pretty clean to me. Sounds like your clutch is slipping when the boost/torque hits hard. Are your rpms jumping before grabbing again?

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