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I mean when I look at the cost, right now I'm in at $450/mo lease. ($0 down) plus $120/insurance. So $570. It's a lease so no real maintenance. Let's factor in $750 for used-tired + installed towards the end, plus the $200 I spend on every lease for tint...

Lease Pmt = $450
Insurance = $120
Maintenance = $750+$250 / 36 = $28mo.
TOTAL = $598.

Lowest tier is $998. So that's a hell of a convenience fee of $400.

My last lease was $559, so that brings the gap down around $300...

I dunno, I think I'd pay maybe $150 for the convenience of having a new car on demand, washed and prepped. Not having to deal with a dealer. Not sure I'd cough up $1k.

Maybe others don't have my lease payment so it's a smaller gap?
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