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Originally Posted by luchocamp View Post
If your car run inconsistent you most have a diferent problems.
I had over 20 paseses between 10.6 and 10.7 day, night, different tires, etc.
Also in M3 S55 full weight 10.11@140.5mph over 20 passes running with JB4 in 10.1 and 10.2 range.
Maybe you need understand how JB4 operates... but anyways use whatever you fell is better for you.
Like I said my setup runs terrific on my current setup... without the JB4. I don't really need it, so why add another thing that is prone to fail? I appreciate what you have done with all your test cars, but that doesnt mean if someone does something different you should bash them. For the record, my jb4 was installed correctly and I know how to configure it. If you read my original reply that you quoted too, that reason alone is why i dont want to run it.

See below:

My car runs much better without it once I removed it. Could I pick up more power and use as a boost controller with it? Maybe. But that's not a big enough reason to put it back in for me.

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